In a series of interviews we go behind the scenes of our #EATWELL initiative to talk all things eating and dining well. In this the first interview in the series we sit down with Robert Welch Managing Director, Rupert Welch. Here we talk exercise, midweek saviours and what kitchen accessory he wouldn't be without in the kitchen.

mud runner

 Image: Rupert Welch, a keen sportsman (second from left) completes the Mud Runner 2015.


What would be your go-to #EATWELL recipe?

It has to be the Maple Roast Chicken for me. It’s quick and easy to prepare and doesn’t need to be watched over whilst it’s cooking. Fennel has always been a favourite of mine and it goes so well with the maple syrup.

Most important meal of the day?

Absolutely breakfast! I’m definitely a morning person and what I eat for breakfast can easily influence the rest of the day. If I start the day with a hearty, healthy breakfast (a green smoothie or porridge and fruit) then I’m prepared for whatever comes my way. 

Perfect weekend meal?

It’s more about the company than the meal for me at the weekend as it tends to be family time. Eating out with my family at a restaurant of their choice (so they’re all happy!) is a perfect weekend meal for me.

Exercise or no exercise?

Plenty of exercise. We’ve always been an active and sporty family. My father was an avid cricket player and myself and my daughters have played hockey at various levels.

Dining with friends, stay in or go out?

Definitely go out – there are a lot of great restaurants in my local area. It’s very easy to go on a culinary journey and try cuisine you’ve never had before. I travel a lot for work and it’s always a great pleasure to try the local specialities and discover new foods. 

Midweek foodie saviour? 

Salmon and grilled asparagus – easy to cook and really healthy. It’s especially good when the British asparagus is in season in May and June. 

Ultimate meal?

Korean BBQ – it’s tasty, spectacular and sociable – all of which are important for a good meal in my opinion! 

Must-have kitchen accessory?

Signature 17cm Santoku knife – for me the fusion of an Asian style blade shape and hardwearing German stainless steel is the perfect combination. It means that I have a knife that stays sharp, allowing me to slice, dice and chop with accuracy and speed. 

Favourite restaurant? 

Too many to make a choice! It’s so rare that I have a meal that is anything less than delicious; we’re so lucky to live in a time that we have so much variety at our fingertips.


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