Choosing a cutlery set is a decision driven by style and personal preference, which means ordering a full set of cutlery purely by the visual representation on a website can be off-putting. We appreciate that the joy of your favourite cutlery is how it feels in your hand, and the balance achieved by different style choices. So, we want to give you the opportunity to enjoy the shopping experience in the comfort of your own home!

5 Reasons to try the Robert Welch Cutlery Sample Service:

1. You can choose as many different sample sets as you like!
With the Robert Welch cutlery sample service you can choose as many different sample sets as you like from our wide range of award-winning cutlery designs. From the traditional to the modern, from a satin to a bright finish, you can choose the most appealing designs from our collection to compare for yourself.

2. Delivery and returns of your sample sets are free of charge within the UK.
Once you have returned the sample sets to us, upon receipt we will reimburse the card you paid with.  

3. Take your time.
Once delivered, enjoy seeing the cutlery in your home setting and discover which design is best for you. Hold the cutlery in your hand and see which is the most comfortable, well balanced and appropriately sized. Get the opinion of your family and friends and see which would be the most appealing cutlery for them to dine with, after all this is a purchase to last a lifetime.   

4. Organising the return of your samples is easy.
When you have decided on a cutlery range simply contact our customer services team to arrange for the free return of your samples. Alternatively, if you have any other questions they will be happy to help and advise you.

5. Placing your order is simple.
Decided on a cutlery design that works for you? Placing your order at any time is made easier with our cutlery catalogue, which gives you the chance to search for your favourite design and choose the appropriate size set, all of which come with our 25-year guarantee.

Ordering your fully refundable Robert Welch cutlery sample sets is quick and easy.

Try it today here.