The Concept:

An idyllic retreat for a genuine rural experience in the heart of Bjäre Peninsula with only four rooms and one dinner table. SOEDER Countryhouse & Kitchen offers a truly personal and boutique experience where warm hospitality and delightful cuisine awaits.

The spacious premises are a tranquil place in an area of natural beauty. The site is a former horse ranch and the original paddocks and beautiful garden with its majestic trees invite you to relax and embrace the surroundings.

​The centuries-old Countryhouse is respectfully renovated and elegantly styled offering the modern comfort and amenities of a boutique hotel. The SOEDER Countryhouse is a marriage of Nordic design and rustic country style where small details make a big difference. “Soeder” is Swedish for “South”, and the vision is to deliver Nordic country life inspired by the Mediterranean.

The Offering:

There’s a great passion for food and drink. The countryside cooking is inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, combined with some of the finest ingredients that the Bjäre peninsula has to offer, including fresh fruits and vegetables from the Countryhouse garden.

Dinner begins with the signature Miniature Cuisine, a wide variety of shared small dishes based on the values of simplicity, purity and seasonal flavours. This journey through flavour leads to the main dish and a dessert.


Owned and run by husband and wife team, Marianne and Michael Bittel (pictured above) who’ve each left their roles in the wine and spirits sector. Marianne is the designer in the partnership. She said: “I have always had a special interest in art, photography and design. To me, SOEDER is a cozy and elegantly styled home in the countryside. I chose Robert Welch cutlery because it’s elegant design and comfort in the hand echoes my design vision.”

​Michael is the chef. He added, “After my graduation from a leading Swiss Hotel Management School I have worked for many years in the wine & spirits industry and I see SOEDER as the place where hospitality is about individuality, and cooking remains a craft. I like to compare cutlery to wineglasses, they are a restaurant's calling card, adapt perfectly to what is served and are essential for the perfect experience. Robert Welch cutlery meets all demands."

SOEDER Countryhouse & Kitchen has chosen Kingham cutlery from a local supplier, Ladan.