How one man’s vision became a business and how his son and daughter have taken it forward.

At Robert Welch Designs our history and design heritage are at the heart of what we do. When Robert himself passed away, the baton was picked up by his children Alice and Rupert Welch, who are now Joint Managing Directors.

When the Telegraph’s Great British Business series got in touch to ask how the business had taken one person’s iconic vision into the next generation, we were happy to respond. There’s never one definitive answer but in the interview, Rupert shared the journey so far.

Watch the video below, and see Rupert give a first-hand account of how his father, Robert, developed the company in those early years; how working with a strong team including silversmith and model maker John Limbrey helped develop decades of iconic products; and how the Robert Welch DNA is still running through everything we create today.

This moving account also sets out how the business transitioned from one generation to the next and the moment of inspiration that ensured the business became a master of its own destiny.

“We grew up seeing our father test products again and again and it’s very fortunate that he rarely threw anything away,” says Rupert. “There are sketches, technical drawings and models that go right back to the earliest days where he was commissioned to design for others to manufacture. I suggested that we should become masters of our own destiny and make things under our own name. A simple idea that’s had a major impact on the company.”

Alice adds: “Dad’s passion to create beautiful, functional, timeless products is still the design DNA at the heart of our business – that’s the Robert Welch Way. We’ve developed teams and structures as we’ve grown the business to ensure we can always deliver for our customers around the world, but it all centres on a passion for design and making world-class products.”