Ashbury Bright Cutlery

Ashbury cutlery is a classic pattern with a contemporary twist. The upward curve and fluid movement of the fork and spoon present a mirror image of the knife's vertical resting position. Spoons and forks are made using the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel. Knife blades are made from specially hardened stainless steel to provide the finest possible cutting edge.
  1. Ashbury Bright Soup Spoon

    LENGTH: 206mm

    CODE: ASHBR1003L

  2. Ashbury Bright Dessert Spoon

    LENGTH: 185mm

    CODE: ASHBR1006L

  3. Ashbury Bright English Tea Spoon

    LENGTH: 137mm

    CODE: ASHBR1007L

  4. Ashbury Bright Coffee Spoon

    LENGTH: 105mm

    CODE: ASHBR1008L


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