Baguette Bright Cutlery

The Baguette style of cutlery is perhaps one of the most familiar in dining settings. Robert Welch Baguette is true to this classic shape with gently tapering handle and balanced weight distribution. Spoons and forks are made using the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel. Knife blades are made from specially hardened stainless steel to provide the finest possible cutting edge.

Baguette Bright (4 items)

  1. Baguette Bright Table Knife

    LENGTH: 243mm

    CODE: BAGBR1001L

  2. Baguette Bright Side Knife

    LENGTH: 225mm

    CODE: BAGBR1004L

  3. Baguette Bright Fish Knife

    LENGTH: 222mm

    CODE: BAGBR1020L

  4. Baguette Bright Steak Knife

    LENGTH: 247mm

    CODE: BAGBR1012L


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