Sandstone Bright Steak Knife

Sandstone Bright Steak Knife

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A steak knife from the beautifully sophisticated cutlery pattern Sandstone. Mirror-polished finish and made from specially hardened stainless steel.

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Sandstone Bright Steak Knife

Sandstone uses the blank canvas of the Arden pattern on which a random sand texture has been applied using a small punching tool into the master tools. The pieces are highly polished resulting in a pleasing tactile texture on the slender handles both on the front and the back.

The tactile nature of Sandstone is a unique texture that can be compared to stippling painterly effect.

The beautiful surface reflects the light with a gentle glow, creating a statement on the table alongside both formal and casual tableware.

All Robert Welch stainless steel cutlery has a lifetime guarantee and is dishwasher safe.

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Length: 246mm

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